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Born in the Russian industrial city of Chelyabinsk, Elena Politowa studied free art at the University of Kassel after the family emigrated to Germany and later turned to architecture. In 2011 Elena Politowa founded her own art school in Lörrach, but she always worked in parallel as a freelance artist.
— Badische newspaper. By Barbara Ruda Wed, 29 November 2017


Especially in the self-portraits comes the dynamism, the devastating movement in the powerfully charged, violent brush strokes to express: Power pictures of a power woman, bubbly alive, full of color, action and joie de vivre.
— BZ. Badische newspaper. 19.01.2012



Painting & Life

I've been painting since I was four. My first drawing was of my cuddly toy called Tusik. Tusik had floppy ears and was a little puppy. My mother looked at this pretty exact sketsh of the little animal and knew: the girl is gifted. She still has this drawing. From that moment on I was always supported by my parents when it came to art. I loved the time in my art school. I was there three times a week for four hours each. It was a typical Soviet art school and we had obligatory subjects like drawing, painting, composition, sculpture and art history. While in Europe and America modernity and its influence shaped the art world, we were at home in tradition. When I landed in the country of Documenta and Joseph Beuys at the age of twenty, I was dizzy with the sensory overload and boundless freedom of contemporary art. From this moment on my own way begins in the fascinating art landscape and the love for painting becomes stronger and stronger with the years. I paint what moves me and try to understand why. The feelings and moments guide me through my artwork experiments and I learn new things every day.